Which Screen Am I? No More Getting Lost in Android Screen Configurations

Are you as puzzled as me when it comes to Android screen classification? According to the official docs, Android puts device screens into buckets, based on two properties: screen size, and pixel density. However, the lines are blurry, it’s often not clear which exact values are used to put a device in one bucket or the next.

If you keep pondering the screen class of your device(s), ponder no more. I’ve built a little app that helps developers decide in which of these buckets your device falls. It’s called Which Screen Am I? and it’s free and open source. This is how it looks on a FroYo emulator that uses the HVGA skin and a medium pixel density:


If you’re targeting different screen configurations with different APKs, this takes at least some of the pain out of the testing process.

GitHub: https://github.com/kaeppler/WhichScreenAmI

Android Market (Web): https://market.android.com/details?id=com.github.kaeppler.whichscreen