The Signpost OAuth Project Has an Owner Again!

In 2009, I introduced Signpost, a lightweight, client-side OAuth library for Java. I initially created it to power the API connector in our Qype Android app, and kept maintaining it for a year or two, until I got bored with fixing random issues with random OAuth service providers that I honestly didn’t care about whatsoever. In its latest release, the library still works flawlessly for us, so I had little motivation to continue work on it.

However, I understand that it probably doesn’t work flawlessly for everyone, so with me backing away from developing it further, a project maintainer was obviously needed. It looks like we’ve finally found someone who’s willing to enter the painful world of OAuth 1.0! Meet Takahiro Horikawa, who will take full ownership of the project from here on, managing issues, releases, and the project website.

If you’re interested in helping out, give us a shout on signpost-developers!

Signpost project page

Takahiro’s Twitter

Takahiro’s GitHub